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Multiplayer Game Types

Author: BTAxis (talk, contrib)

This is a proposal for more multiplayer game types.


As it stands, we have two game types in multiplayer. The first is deathmatch, the second is team deathmatch. I feel the game could be made a lot more versatile if we expanded the amount of game types, because differnt game types mean different ways to achieve victory, which means using different strategies with the same basic means.

The different game types will, of course, have to be coded. Checks have to be made and new map elements may need to be introduced to the game as well as the editor. It may not have the highest priority, but I strongly believe it will be worth the time and effort.

Game Types

  • Deathmatch

This game type we have already. The goal is to destroy all enemy soldiers before all your soldiers are destroyed.

  • Team Deathmatch

This game type we have already. The goal is to destroy all enemy teams before your team is destroyed.

  • Assault

In this game type, one team takes the role of the defenders while another team takes the role of the attackers. The attackers must bring at least one soldier to a certain area of the map within a set number of turns to win. The defenders must either destroy all attackers, or survive the set number of turns.
The defenders should have a disadvantage in numbers. For example, they could only have four soldiers while the attackers have eight. On the other hand, the defenders should have an advantage when it comes to terrain. Their "fort" should be easy to defend.
This game type will require code (to check for the victory conditions, as well as the imbalance in numbers) and possibly specialized maps, though some existing maps could be adapted for the purpose.

  • Team Swarm Defense

This is a game type that pits one or more human players against the computer, much like the current "cooperative" variant on Team Deathmatch. In this game type, the player(s) are given a central, fortified position. Each turn, a number of armed hostile soldiers are spawned somewhere on the map, who then proceed to attack the players. To win, the players must survive for a number of turns.
This game type will require code (to check for the time limit victory condition as well as a specialized "aggressive" AI) and specialized maps.

  • Infiltration

In this game type, one player takes on the role of the infiltrator, and the other player takes on the role of the police. The infiltrator only gets a single soldier, the police gets more. The infiltrator's goal is to reach a certain area of the map. This area, as well as the starting position of the infiltrator, are variable. Furthermore, the infiltrator can always see the entire map, including the police soldiers. The police player's goal is to kill the infiltrator before he reaches his goal. The police player does not know where the goal is. The police player also does not know where the infiltrator starts. Furthermore, the police player follows the normal line of sight rules.
This game mode requires code (to check victory conditions, to account for the imbalance in numbers, to allow the infiltrator to "cheat" and to randomize the locations on the map. Aditionally, visibility support will be essential to this game type). Existing maps can easily be used for this game type.

  • More?

Please use the talk page to suggest more game types. Game types must provide a real alternative to the ones described above, so don't propose, for example, Capture The Flag, since that's just the same as Deathmatch with an extra victory condition that's never going to be met in practice.