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Author: mattn (talk, contrib)


There are some useful console commands that can be run ingame:

  • set [cvar] [value]: Sets a new or existing cvar.
  • cmdlist: List all available commands.
    • There is a very large number of commands. "cmdlist cl" will give you all commands starting with cl. If you really wish to read all the commands then read your console log after using cmdlist.
  • cvarlist: List all available cvars.
    • "cvarlist cl" will return all cvars starting with cl.
  • map <day¦night> [mapname]: Starts the given map.
  • maplist: Show all maps from base/maps
  • mn_push menuID: Push menuID onto menu stack.
  • mn_pop: Pop current menu from menu stack.
  • condump: Dumps the game console to a given file
condump error will dump the console to Template:Path

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