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Just run ./configure and make to compile the game.

For the Debian and Debian-based distributions (Ubuntu etc.), refer to the Debian page. Suse users might want to look here.


There are some options available on how to compile the code. Please have a look at the ./configure --help. After compiling there will be a debugARCH/ dir (where ARCH may be i386) which includes the binaries. They are copied by the makefile to the right folders. Now you are ready to run the game by typing ./ufo at the ufoai root directory.

If you use a recent development snapshot from our source code repository with no separate data package, remember to compile the maps, too (as described in the document for Debian). You can also grab pre-compiled maps from

Compile for development

After getting the code you just need to do:

$ ./configure
$ make

If the compilation fails or strange errors show up, you could try a "make clean" and afterwards a simple "make", which would build the source from scratch.

If you are willing to compile the maps ("make maps"), consider the "-j " (jobs) option to enable parallel compilation.

you will get the number of processor using the following sequence:

$cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep processor | wc -l

You can create an alias to make change permanent (edit ~/.bashrc )

alias make='make -j '`cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep processor | wc -l`

Compile for release

After getting the code you just need to do:

$  ./configure --enable-release
$ make

Compile uforadiant

You have to run configure script with an option to before compiling uforadiant.

$  ./configure --enable-uforadiant
$ make uforadiant

Distribution notes