Compile for Solaris

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Just run ./configure and gmake to compile the game.

Note : I'm using Solaris Express Developer Edition 05/07 (SXDE) with oss Drivers, with Solaris 10, you may have others steps to do.


  • gcc 1
  • gmake 1
  • a PATH to use gcc ( PATH=$PATH:/usr/sfw/bin:/usr/ccs/bin )

1 : included in SXDE


After getting the code you just need to do:

 $ ./configure
 $ gmake

There are some options available on how to compile the code. Please have a look at the ./configure --help. After compiling there will be a debugARCH/ dir (where ARCH may be i386) which includes the binaries. They are copied by the makefile to the right folders. Now you are ready to run the game by typing ./ufo at svn root.

Note : the gmake update-po fails

If you use a recent SVN snapshot with no separate data package, remember to compile the maps, too. You can also grab pre-compiled maps from