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Accepted licenses

Note: We do not accept any "NonCommercial" (NC) licenses.

Rules for contributors

  • When contributing code, be aware that all of our code is released under GPL.
  • When contributing art assets, state which license you chose and provide your name for attribution.

Derivative works

If your contribution contains models, sounds, textures or other art assets by others, additional rules apply:

  • We (UFO:AI) will only accept art assets covered by #Accepted Licenses.
  • Include additional info into your submission (readme.txt file preferred) about:
    1. License of the original assets used in your work.
    2. Author(s) of the original assets used in your work.
    3. Source of the original assets used in your work (URL).
  • Preserve license compatibility; if you used sound samples released under CC-BY-SA, your work also must be released under CC-BY-SA.

If license information is missing from original assets, they cannot be used for UFO:AI art assets. No license means no permission and does not mean no copyright.

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