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TODO: Extend the description and add screenshots.

Buy & Sell Screen

The Buy&Sell screen.

Here you can get new equipment from the global market or get rid of any item you don't have further use for. Please be aware that the items not carried by your soldiers at the end of a mission are sold automatically. Details will be displayed on missions summary screen. If you want to use the items captured you can simply buy them back here.

TODO: Not true anymore: As there is no differences between purchasing and selling prices you won't "loose" money doing so. This is very likely to be changed once the whole economy thing is set up right till then global market can be exploited as a kind of unlimited equipment storage.

Please notice that the amount of any kind of items available may change in the course of the game as your reputation in the world changes.

In order to help keeping an overview all items are sorted into four categories again

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Misc
  • Armor

See also

  • Production - Produce some items yourself.
  • TODO: Add link to Base/Aircraft-buy&sell page