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The Base: Buildings | Research | Production | Hire & Fire | Buy & Sell | Aircraft | Transfer | Equip Soldiers

Your base


Your bases have to fulfil a wide range of tasks as most of the progress in the fight against the aliens will come from the PHALANX project itself. The bases will supportresearching, producing new equipment, gathering background information on the invaders and supplying soldiers and aircrafts to counter any alien attack, be it on the ground or in the air.

The base management screen is shown when you click on a base on the Geoscape. It shows the map of the installations and various informations about the employees living there, storage rooms etc.

Your bases are run independently and must all be supplied with employees, equipments and facilities. Communicating between bases is not that easy but there is still a way to transfer employees and equipments from a base to an other.

Base name

Base renaming and switching

The current base name is shown on the top of the screen. You can edit it by clicking pen-icon right next to it. With the arrow icons you can also circle through all your current bases.

Base map

The main part of the screen shows your installations. Left clicking on a building will bring you to the according management screen as it can be done by the right buttons. Right clicking on a building will ask you to confirm the destruction of it.

New bases can be built on the Geoscape, so you don't need to place all non-vital facilities in one site. Doing so would be problematic, as space is limited. But be warned that new facilities can be build only next to an other one. Each facility also have its monthly running costs.

Vital buildings

Please keep in mind that there are three elementary buildings needed in each base before the base is functional at all. These are: an Entrance which is pre-built for each new base, a Power Plant and the Command Center.

Command Center
Power Plant

Functionnal buildings

Living quarters


Living quarters are required for employees to live in the base. Without them you can only have an automatically run base. Building multiple quarters will give more room for employees.

The occupation is shown at the bottom of the right panel.



Have room to store your equipment and bring some from the battlefield. The more storage you have, the more equipment you can store in the base.

Your current storage use is shown at the bottom of the right panel.



An hospital is required for wounded soldiers to reitaliate from battle between missions.



A laboratory is required in order for sciencists to run their researches. You will require more laboratories if you have hired a lot of sciencists.

The laboratory usage is shown at the bottom of the right panel.



A worshop is required for your engineers to build new equipments. If you have many of them, you may require more than one.

The workshop usage is show at the bottom of the right panel.

Interception buildings

Small hangar

A small hangar can store and maintain a small aircraft. For the aircraft to operate you will require to hire a pilot.

Large hangar

Large hangars stores a small or big aircraft.



A radar will add sensors all around your base and activate UFO detection. It can work without employee but still requires the vital buildings to operate.

Defense buildings

Missile battery

A missile battery can hold a missile launcher than must be bought or build in a workshop. Once installed it will defend the base in case of attack and can also assist interceptors around the base by shooting at UFO's passing nearby.