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Pathfinding and Tracing

  • [done] Fix problems with pathfinding so maps are playable
    • [done] Resolve stepup problems


  • [done] fix terrain (material system) gaps between lightmaps/surfaces (fixed in r25155)


  • [done] Off-base Installations, which can be placed on the geoscape to provide specialised functions
    • [done] Radar Tower - Provides additional radar coverage on the geoscape, but less than the standard base.
    • [done] SAM Site - These installations will attack UFOs in a small radius on the geoscape.
    • [done] UFO Yard - Off-site storage for recovered UFO's.
  • [done] The new campaign system
    • Introduce alien bases
      • [done] Maps
      • [done] Missions


  • [done] Incorporate alien needler to game. We have research article and model.

Equipment menu and team handling

  • [done] Adjust machine gun magazine size to 2x2
  • [done] new soldier equip menu, see gallery for equip menu mockup and forum for some variants (see Proposals/UI (2008))


  • [done] Aircraft and aircraft item production needs to be recoded as part of the main Production screen, replacing the current 'Other' category as 'Aircraft'.
    • They have their own categories, left 'Other' intact --Geever

Ufopedia & Research

  • [done] I noticed that there are some research entries (such as plasma pistol and plasma pistol ammo) that use same name in ufopaedia and show same text, only different items. In IRC BTAxis stated that such items should be hidden from ufopaedia at all. mattn told me to ask you about that. Is there anything that could be used to hide articles?" RudolfoWood 16:28, 24 August 2008 (UTC)
    • Good point. This still has to be fixed ... i guess we'll just add a sort of redirect pointer (defined as something like "redirect tech_id_of_weapon") in the ufo files and the code so we can still have the actual (invisible) tech for the ammo in the background but actually open the weapon entry when appropriate. Also the duplicated gettext can then be removed of course. --Hoehrer 18:52, 24 August 2008 (UTC)
    • Think I could to that this way: 1. add redirect code to ufo defines (in research.ufo), 2. update UP_TechGetsDisplayed to exclude such items that have redirect, 3. update code (such as buy menu) to go to the right ufopaedia for such items RudolfoWood 19:00, 24 August 2008 (UTC)
    • Bug#2071615


  • [done] Reactionfire problems and enhancements.
    • [done] server-side logic? (There is a Gameplay Proposal I think - pretty complex stuff though.)


  • [done] menu Won, option for storing recovered UFO: if all UFO hangars has no free space, popup offering replacing old UFO in hangars with new one, decide what to do with old one
    • [done] Remove UFO recovery command from menu Won, and use popup on geoscape instead: UFO recovery should be usable also with missions made automatically
    • [done] show some result for autogo missions
    • [done] implement replacing ufo with the one from store position
  • [done] make notification messages and game pause configureable (decide for each message category whether message should be shown in log and whether game should pause)
    • Basic code is there, there are discussions about extending (for sound/popup). There are many placed where this should be used. RudolfoWood 17:48, 15 October 2008 (UTC)
  • [done] make starfield rotate around earth in geoscape.
  • [done] Reduce craft and weapon speed to compensate for periodic detection
  • [done] Aliens are only shooting in reaction fire mode. They don't attack anymore.


  • [done] Players that created a server should be able to spread that news in the channel and all the other games that are not playing a game already should get a popup whether they want to connect.


  • [done] Saving the savegame in a position independent format like xml See draft at XMLSavegame Clark 11:59, 26 January 2009 (UTC)
    • [done] Patch is in trunk
    • [done] Testing the patch
      • The patch is in trunk for a long time Geever 17:56, 23 December 2009 (UTC)
    • [done] changing some Node names (they are case-sensitive!)

Models & Particles

  • [done] Models and textures for every missing projectile on geoscape
    • [done] Radar Tower model for 3D geoscape
    • [done] SAM Site model for 3D geoscape
    • [done] UFO Yard model for 3D geoscape
    • [done] Item model for AA51 SAM Launcher and rockets(?)
    • [done] Item model for base defence Laser Turret
    • [done] Item model for SHIVA 20mm API/HEI Rounds (for menus)
    • [done] Laser particle
    • [done] Particle Beam Weapon particle
    • [done] Change current SHIVA ammo models on geoscape to particles