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This TODO may be out of date as the UI code has changed but UI2 has not necessarily been updated. An audit will need to occur to get UI2 in working order first.

Full TODO information appears at the top of each .ufo file in /mods/ui2.

Many (but not all) components appear in the _assets* files.

Base (bases.ufo)

Note: Base window also includes building construction and alien containment functions within it.

  • [open] Clicking on an aircraft just takes the player to the aircraft window. It should also load the details of the aircraft that was clicked.
  • [open] Add injured soldiers to employee count icon row
  • [open] Alien containment requires several delete cvar calls on cvars that may not exist, which leads to errors printed in console.
  • [done] Construct building by clicking on the (+) icon next to its capacity bar
  • [done] Show building preview when clicking on capacity bar.
  • [done] Remove BUILD/VIEW STATS button and building construction list.
  • [done] Consider how to display building names now that there are so many.
  • [done] Several buildings need a small icon for Facilities tab
    • [done] alien containment
    • [done] hangar
    • [done] power plant
    • [done] command
    • [done] intercept (small hangar)
    • [done] radar
    • [done] advanced radar
    • [done] hospital
    • [done] missile battery
    • [done] laser battery
  • [open] It would be nice if the full list of all building capacities still listed the top 5 first. Order of buildings listed in basemanagement.ufo effects in-game order.
  • [open] Adjust the color of blocked tiles in the small base selector at the top of the base window.
  • [open] Maybe improve or create icon to kill aliens in containment?

Improvements for later

  • [open] Build facility: Make the add building button turn to a warning (red ! button) if it is too high (if it is antimatter, it should show a warning when it is low)
  • [open] Build facility: Improve building preview display
  • [open] Don't show progress bar in alien containment if alien is already researched
  • [open] The small base selector at the top should have a drop-down panel for each base, when hovering the mouse over it, that shows the base name and region (and maybe a symbol for each of the following if they exist in that base: dropship, lab, workshop).

Research (research.ufo)

Ui todo research.jpg
  • [open] (1) After clicking on a UFOpaedia link for an item, or assigning/unassigning a scientist to a research project, the base names for research at other bases disappear.
  • [open] (2) This should display (scientists hired / (scientists hired in this base + scientists unhired). Need new code in the callbacks to get hired/unhired scientists as well as hire/fire them with the buttons.
  • [open] (3) Currently, clicking on the back-to-geoscape button actually takes you back to the base. When I try to add an extra ui_pop to it, it bumps me all the way to campaign options window (load, save, etc).
  • [open] Make research lists scrollable and find a way to test it (ie - I don't have a save with enough research options).
  • [open] Clicking on a base name in the external research area should take the player to that base's research window.
    • [open] Perhaps I should add a little arrow to indicate clicking will take the player away from the current window.


Layout for market window

Geever is creating a shopping basket function for the market. Work is just beginning on this window.

  • [done] Make Buy and Sell buttons work.
  • [WIP] Make autosell/stock freeze button work.
    • [open] Autosell clicking seems to change things, but need to test properly that it is working.
    • [done] Test that autosell button is hidden on those things it ought to be (aircraft)
  • [done] Add the price (forgot to add it)
  • [open] Make object info panel work.
    • [open] Model not appearing
    • [open] Weapon/firemode selection needs work
  • [done] Make ufopaedia icon work properly
  • [open] Complete transaction panel when it is available

Improvements for later

  • [open] Display item info better. This probably requires a rethinking of what info is displayed and how it is displayed for all the different item types we have. Would effect other windows too, probably.


Haven't figured out what I want to do with this yet. May keep market similarities, may try to find a new layout scheme.

Base Summary

No concept work done. Considering not using this window. I have put building capacities under the facilities tab on main base window, and will also add the baselayout panel for easy switching between bases.

  • [done] Window removed


No concept work done.


No concept work done. Will depend on whether or not we can split equipping to the new soldiers window.


Entirely new soldiers window needed, since we're getting rid of employees window. I would love to finally separate equipping from the aircraft window and put it into the soldiers window, if that's possible. But either way I expect this window will come at end of dev cycle.


No concept work done. Maybe sub-window in Soldiers?


  • [open] Improve art for selectbox, checkbox, and other similar items.
  • [open] Improve icon for UFOpaedia
  • [open] Fix language font to display all languages. Bayo 13:29, 6 May 2012 (SAST)
  • [done] Single player options menu (singleplayer.ufo)
  • [open] Multiplayer options menu (multiplayeringame.ufo)
    • [open] Create IRC icon
  • [open] Create new win/lose windows. May or may not use backgrounds won_bg.jpg and lost_bg.png - also see forum: this topic

Main (main.ufo)

  • [open] Initial settings popup window not done (choose your language, name, sound settings).

Campaign (campaign.ufo)

  • [done] Add alert if user tries to begin without selecting a load game
    • Button is disabled instead
  • [open] Several campaign windows not yet changed (end game, save game, etc.)

Later improvements

  • [open] Add info about a save when it becomes available (date, bases, top soldiers, things like that?)
  • [open] Display the data about a campaign in individual parameters and not just one chunk of text, using icons, etc.

Skirmish (skirmish.ufo)

  • [open] Team selection broken. If I select a new team and then save before equipping, the team is not saved properly. Then, if I try to load it, nothing is loaded. Possible workaround: disable the save button until the team has been equipped? OR: in the NEW team option, put an equip button and don't update the selected team until it has been equipped?
  • [open] Make dropship/ufo selection the renders with a prev/next select option
  • [open] The map selection system needs to be fit into new style better. The border is not right, etc.
  • [open] Seem to be missing *cvar:cl_equip and *cvar:cl_equipname (player equipment). (Not sure what this is, but it was in my notes. Been a while since I did this window)

Options (options.ufo)

  • [open] Joystick options and key configuration display not implemented yet
  • [open] Add new tab for mods


No concept work done.

Things to do when finished

  • [open] aliencont.ufo contains an empty window which was necessary to override the alien containment window in the original UI
  • [open] There are lots of items in hud_.ufo that are necessary for the default and alternative HUDs (causes errors if I remove them). Should locate and remove these items eventually.