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Item types

  • Weapon
  1. rifle
  2. pistol
  3. biggun
  4. rpg
  5. grenade
  6. melee
  • Ammo
  1. ammo


There are several skills, most of them having an impact on weapon use, either accuracy or melee.

Damage types

There are several types of damage, some removing health points, some inducing effects.


this is the translated name of the weapon - but in the script file it has to be in english.
the preceding underscore, as in "_Assault Rifle", indicates that the text following it will be translateable via Gettext.
model V_STRING
model of the weapon relative to base/models (see Directory tree)
weapon V_BOOL
it this a weapon or not? e.g. ammo is no weapon.
Among other effects, when an alien is assigned one primary weapon from the equipment, this flag is used to tell weapon from ammo, even if it has the same "buytype".
see item types above; they affect animation of using the weapon
animationindex V_INT
This is the animation index for the character with the weapon (see character animation). This is useful because a pistol will not be carried like a rpg. This affects walking and standing with a weapon.
Don't confuse this with buytype (the category you can buy it in). See below.
holdtwohanded V_BOOL
does this weapon always take to hands to hold? If true then the other hand is unusuable while this weapon is equiped.
firetwohanded V_BOOL
does this weapon take two hands to fire? If true and something in the other hand then firing is disabled.
the shape in equipment menu, that is how much space do we need to place this weapon (this value defines a rectangle given by the upper left corner and dimensions). For non-rectangular shapes see Non-rectangular weapon description.
center V_VECTOR
move in three directions to display the item in menu. Middle coordinate has something to do with the z axis, probably a rotation. The first is a translation to the right, the third is a translation downwards. One unit seems to be around 5 pixels on a 1024x768 screen. Horizontal parameter moves to the left for positive values, and vertically positive values move downwards.
scale V_FLOAT
scale up or down for displaying in menu. Note that shape and scale variables do not influence the size of the weapon in the battlescape, so take care that small things do not have huge inventory icons. On the other hand, it might a good idea to keep most primary weapons the same inventory shape (even if, e.g., Rocket Launcher is very long in the battlescape) and most secondary weapons the same (smaller) inventory shape. This way they fit nicely in the backpack or holster.
It's not necessary to scale the object so that it completely fills all the "shape" inventory box, just try to make it look nice.
thrown V_BOOL
is this weapon throwable? e.g. grenades
ammo V_INT
max ammo loaded for this weapon
reload V_INT
TUs for reloading
price V_INT
the price you have to pay when you buy it.
buytype V_STRING
Defines in which category you will find this weapon:
  • buytype weap_pri - All 'Primary' weapons and their ammo for soldiers.
  • buytype weap_sec - All 'Secondary' weapons and their ammo for soldiers.
  • buytype misc - Misc soldier equipment.
  • buytype armour - Armour
  • buytype multi_ammo - Only used for items (mostly ammo) that have to appear in the primary and the secondary list. (It's a workaround, but no problems have been spotted - yet.)
virtual V_BOOL
The item is virtual, which means it does not exist. It has a definition for game mechanics only (like weapon/ammo stats, fire definitions). Virtual items don't show up in user interfaces, are not collectible, but can be available (as ammo to reload for example) if researched.

Some variable types for ammo

damage V_POS
Example: damage "xx y"
The first number (xx) is the average damage, the second (y) is the maximum random value than can be added/subtracted from the damage.
spldmg V_POS
Example: spldmg "xx y"
The first number (xx) is the average splash damage, the second (y) is the maximum random value than can be added/subtracted from the damage.
dmgtype V_STRING FIXME Is this still all up to date?
Takes a value such as
  • normal
  • blast
  • fire
  • plasma
  • laser
  • particlebeam
  • stun
This is important as different types of armour are better against certain types of insult. Also some damage types such as stun have special meaning (i.e. they effect more than just armour&health points)
weapon_mod V_STRING
Example: weapon_mod xxxxx
List that contains all firemodes that are displayed/used when the ammo loaded in weapon xxxxx (equals an item definition of xxxxx).
It also tells the game that this item can be used in weapon xxxxx
The weapon entry must come before the ammo entry in the ufo file.

Some variable types for firedef

Firedefs are enclosed in a weapon_mod definition (see above).

Several of these variables are used in the hit calculation. The attempted line of fire is modified using pseudo random numbers. For direct fire modes the pitch (up/down) and yaw (left/right) angle has a gaussian distributed variable added while thrown fire modes have a random distribution.

accuracy = (1 - (accuracy ability / MAX_SKILL + weapon skill / MAX_SKILL) / 2) × wound penalty
direct angle = gauss × (spread × ((WEAPON_BALANCE + SKILL_BALANCE * accuracy) * injurymultiplier) × crouch
throw angle = random × 2.0 × (spread × (WEAPON_BALANCE + SKILL_BALANCE × accuracy)) × crouch
(Note: MAX_SKILL = 100, wound penalty = <TODO>, WEAPON_BALANCE = 0.5, SKILL_BALANCE = 1.0
if HP is less than 50% then injurymultiplier = 1.0 + INJURY_BALANCE * ((1.0 / (HP / maxHP + INJURY_THRESHOLD)) - 1) * MAX_SKILL / mind ability, otherwise injurymultiplier = 1.0; INJURY_BALANCE = 0.2, INJURY_THRESHOLD = 0.5)

spread V_POS
Example: spread "pp yy"
width of gaussian applied to attempted line of fire, in degrees (TODO: check it really is degrees). First element affects pitch, second element affects yaw. Lower values mean greater precision.
crouch V_FLOAT
multiplicative modifier for firing when crouching. Lower values mean greater precision. Crouching does not tend to help much with pistols, but improves sniping prospects quite a bit.
dmgweight V_STRING
The type and weight of damage this firedef uses. This is used with unit resistance and armour protection values to modify final damage. A firedef of type fire_medium will cause extra damage on a unit that is more vulnerable to this type. See armour.ufo
time V_INT
The time units (TU) it takes to use this firemode.
shots V_INT
The number of shots fired. The particle cannon takes 1 unit of ammo for 5 shots when the "rapid shots" firemode is used.
ammo V_INT
The ammo used. The particle cannon takes 4 units of ammo for a single shot charged blast.
delaybetweenshots V_INT
The delay that the weapon needs to play sounds and particles
The higher the value, the less the delay (1000/delay)
throughwall V_INT
This parameter defines the ability to shoot through a wall with this firedefinition. The amount of throughwall will be the walls the firedef will be able to penetrate. The damage will be decreased with every wall of course.
shotorg V_POS
This can shift a muzzle vertically (first value) and horizontally (second value) for the trace that is done on the server side.
projtl V_STRING
impact V_STRING
hitbody V_STRING
firesnd V_STRING
impsnd V_STRING
bodysnd V_STRING
bncsnd V_STRING
impactattenuation V_FLOAT
fireattenuation V_FLOAT
You can define a impactattenuation and a fireattenuation value (V_FLOAT between 0.0 and 3.0 (0.0 means that there the sound is played at the given volume all over the level, 3.0 means that is the sound is only hearable when the camera is very close to the sound source.
sndonce V_BOOL
gravity V_BOOL
launched V_BOOL
rolled V_BOOL
reaction V_BOOL
delay V_INT
bounce V_INT
bncfac V_FLOAT
speed V_FLOAT
damage V_POS
spldmg V_POS
irgoggles V_BOOL
Is this an irgoogle?
rounds V_INT
How many rounds should this effect last. Used to keep incendiary grenades and smoke grenades around. Each side turn is one round, so 2 rounds would make it last when the player fired it and the aliens' turn only. Minimum is 2.

Non-rectangular weapons

Sometimes weapon might have an empty space in the rectangular shape where it would be nice to allow placement of other items. This can be done only on tile level, so the usefulness only appears for larger multiline weapons like rocket launcher or machine gun.

Shape keyword defines a shape of a rectangle, so on it's own no non-rectanghular shapes are possible. On the other hand, you can specify multiple shapes, thus forming slightly more complex shapes.

For example, if a shape is defined as "0 0 5 2", you would get a rectangle, positioned at relative coordinates 0 0, 5 tiles horizontally and 2 tiles vertically large. Let's say we have empty space at the upper left and lower right tile, so to make those tiles usable for other weapons we would do:

shape "1 0 4 1"
shape "0 1 4 1"

Notice how we have stacked two rectangles. First is shifted one tile to the right (first "1"), and is only 4 units long and 1 unit high. Second is placed one row lower ("1" in the coordinate y position), and also is 4 units long and 1 unit high, thus leaving one tile at the end usable.

Make sure to test such configurations, simple mistakes can lead to weird behaviour in the inventory screens.


item sniper
	name		"_Sniper Rifle"
	model		weapons/sniper/sniper
	weapon		true
	type		rifle
	animationindex	1
	holdtwohanded	false
	firetwohanded 	true
	shape		"0 0 5 2"
	center		"9 0 3"
	scale		1.05
	ammo		5
	reload		10
	price		5920
	size		30
	buytype	weap_pri

item sniper_ammo
	name		"_Sniper Rifle Magazine"
	model		weapons/sniper/sniper_clip
	type		ammo
	animationindex	0
	shape		"0 0 1 2"
	center		"0 0 0"
	scale		1.15
	price		190
	size		5
	buytype	weap_pri
	dmgtype normal

	weapon_mod sniper
			name	"_Snap Shot"
			skill	sniper
			projtl	bullet
			impact	bulletImpact
			hitbody null
			firesnd	weapons/sniperrifle
			speed	0
			spread	"1.5 1.5"
			crouch	0.3
			range	250
			shots	1
			ammo	1
			time	12
			damage	"105 0"
			dmgweight normal_heavy
			reaction	true
			name	"_Aimed Shot"
			skill	sniper
			projtl	bullet
			impact	bulletImpact
			hitbody null
			firesnd	weapons/sniperrifle
			speed	0
			spread	"0.9 0.9"
			crouch	0.3
			range	250
			shots	1
			ammo	1
			time	18
			damage	"105 0"
			dmgweight normal_heavy
			name	"_Headshot"
			skill	sniper
			projtl	bullet
			impact	bulletImpact
			hitbody null
			firesnd	weapons/sniperrifle
			speed	0
			spread	"0.9 0.9"
			crouch	0.3
			range	250
			shots	1
			ammo	1
			time	24
			damage	"150 0"
			dmgweight normal_heavy