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  • blondandy is Andy Buckle
  • born 1977
  • work as a radiotherapy physicist

contact: using the system.[1]

the day job: this[2] google scholar search should return my work.


i know how to do this

  • test range of levelflags of all brushes to spot brushes that are visible when they should not be. warn about brushes that are significantly taller than one level or span between levels.
  • a test outside of all to check for nodraws that may be visible.

i may know how to do this

  • auto brush merging

i have a very vague notion of

  • auto reduce-exposed-faces
  • make a replacement for FPV, where the viewpoint is behind the actor and the view is slightly down, so the view up through the floor thing is not an issue.

my minor contributions

This is here to be an illustration of the righteous path to open source contribution, and svn right access.

  • wrote some java to generate the weapon_tables.
  • noticed that the weapon skills had no effect. [3].
  • patch to improve to-hit estimate [4].
  • patch to make skills increase fast when they are low (20-50) and slow down as they approach 100[5].
  • patch to make combat knife rubbish against armour [6].
  • patch so that mouse click turn cancels aiming only on first click. second click required to turn. [7]

then I got svn permissions

  • i have worked on the check/fix functions of ufo2map, which are now available from radiant

win tools for ufo:ai development

  • [8]Psycle: a tracker/sequencer
  • [9]Audacity: for messing with samples
  • [10]GIMP: for messing with images
  • [11]Blender: 3D modelling
  • [12]Code::Blocks. get the prepackaged version Code::Blocks to make it easy
  • [13]TortoiseSVN: svn client. good intro to svn. its a shell extension, tortoiseshell. geddit...
    • its "TSVNCache.exe" process hogs hard drive time. In the settings, turn of "icon overlays" to make it useable.
  • [14]the tigris console svn client. slower to complete tasks than tortoise, but does not hog resources when you don't want it to. seems to hang on me quite frequently
    • just trunk
      svn co trunk
    • all (a lot!)
      svn co .
  • [15]poEdit: compile po and play trunk. called by code::blocks as a post-build step.
  • [16]google reader: for RSS feeds from ciabot [17].
  • Chatzilla (Firefox plugin) for IRC. to edit startup use "about:config" URL and edit extensions.irc.networks.freenode.autoperform