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This howto is about the installation and the setup of Eclipse Wascana on a Windows platform to compile and develop for UFO: Alien Invasion

Step 1: Getting the required software

  • Download Wascana
  • Download Git (Use the full installer of the official Git version)
  • Download MinGW Extensions to be able to compile and link UFO: Alien Invasion This is still missing, but I'm working on it

Step 2: Install the downloaded software

  • Wascana must be installed in c:/wascana. If you change this directory, you would have to edit all the pkg-config files that you have to install in the next step.
  • After Eclipse Wascana is installed you can install the MinGW extension package.
  • Install Git

Step 3: Clone the git repository

See Getting the source

Step 4: Environment variables

Set the environment variables

Change your PATH to also include the c:/wascana/mingw/bin and c:/wascana/msys/bin directories. Add a new variable named CC and set it to gcc.

Step 5: Start Wascana

Check the include dirs
Import the project: Step 1
Import the project: Step 2

Start Eclipse Wascana and import the cloned ufoai repository. Go to File->Import->Existing Project, select the ufoai directory and import the shown project.

You are now able to build and link UFO: Alien Invasion