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  • Johnny A. Solbu
  • Steinkjer, Norway
  • I sometimes play Minesweeper when I'm bored.
  • Currently translating UFO:AI into Norwegian.

Other projects

  • Sometime during the summer of 1996 I translated much of the first Civilization into norwegian during a weekend, because I was bored. It was never meant to be released, so I replaced the intro text, which is the theory of evolution, with the biblical Creation story from Genesis 1. Mostly because I reject the Evolution theory and believe in Christ. (It was for my own enjoyment, so who cared? :-) )
  • Sometime around 2002 I translated the Windows program Create Install into norwegian.
  • In january 2012 I translated GRASE into norwegian, in a day. continuing translating UFO:AI is next. :-)
  • In July 2012 I joined the Translation Project.
  • I have created a few Mandriva/Mageia SPEC files and various RPM packages. In january 2012 I became an official Mandriva packager, and became a Mageia packager in June 2012. \o/


  • Solbu on EFNet, OFTC and Libera.

For those who want to know more about who I am, might want to look at my webpage. There you also will find my email address.