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The game allows players to share their data with other players or just backup their savegames and teams. For this to work, they need a forum account and log into it from within the game.


The current implementation of the server side is written in php and is located in src/tools/webapi/.


We are using a SimpleMachines API for doing the authentication against the forum user credentials.


The client side code is located in src/client/web/. There are some console commands available for the file management. They are all prefixed by web_ (as well as the available cvars). Available commands are:

  • web_uploadcgame
  • web_deletecgame
  • web_downloadcgame
  • web_listcgame

Their usage should be printed to the game console when they are issued without any parameters.

Every user could theoretically run it's own webserver with the webapi installed and just redirect the webapi calls by changing the cvars:

  • web_cgamedownloadurl
  • web_cgamelisturl
  • web_cgamedeleteurl
  • web_cgameuploadurl

These cvars can contain placeholders for the current selected cgame, the userid, the category (for example savegame or team) and the file. Available placeholders:

  • $cgame$
  • $userid$
  • $category$
  • $file$

An example download url could be:


The corresponding upload url could be: