Aircraft/Herakles-class Heavy Lifter

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This is a placeholder page, pending a proper writeup. Some factoids about this craft:

  • This craft is a large troop transport. It can carry more troops and is faster than the Firebird, but is poorly armed compared to most other PHALANX craft.
  • We have a model for this craft. See base/models/aircraft/drop_herakles and datasource/models/sitters/craft_dropship2/
  • This craft makes use of alien technology.
    • Which technologies?
      • I put it down to Alien Aircraft Plating for now. The model doesn't look like it uses alien engines and I can't imagine what else it would need. --BTAxis 15:43, 20 December 2008 (UTC)
      • I have a few ideas:
        • How about Alien Materials so that it will change shape in air? E.g. using electric current, it allows to extend the wings to a larger area, but making the craft too cumbersome for manoeuvering. The wings would have to be retracted after landing for storage. The downside of that is Alien Materials are suggested to be heavy, so the idea might fall flat.
        • Another idea is using Antimatter for power (the craft has a low lift generating area, so having access to far greater power than standard petrol might be viable).
        • Yet another idea is using Alien Computers because of enormous amount of data required for flying a heavy aircraft with vectored thrust.
  • Capacity: 12 soldiers, 2 UGVs (3 with hardpoint pod)

Herakles-class Heavy Lifter.jpg