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Contribute: Artwork, Modelling, Mapping, Music and sounds

Author: mattn (talk, contrib)


For soldiers to battle somewhere, there have to be maps. We use a tool called UFORadiant. This page, and many of the articles in the mapping category, will introduce you to the tool and document many of its capabilities.

Mapping is one of the most flexible ways to contribute because quality maps of almost all kinds can be incorporated into the game. The whole world is the battlefield.

But some contributions are more helpful than others.

We use small map pieces (tiles) and fit them together in random ways to create the battlefields the player faces. We call this a random map assembly (RMA) theme, and we always appreciate it when people extend existing themes by making additional tiles. Get familiar with one of our many themes (prefixed with a +) and you can easily create a new tile.

If you want a little more independence, we have a long list of suggested maps and new prefabs are always welcome. You can also see what's on our TODO/General list. Contributing to something on the TODO/General list is sometimes less glamorous but very appreciated.

Like other contributions to UFO AI, your maps should be released under GNU GPL (preferably v2 with "or later" clause) and should not use any proprietary material: beware of textures/images/models found on the web. Only materials created from scratch or materials that are already licensed under GNU GPL should be used.

But before you worry about any of that, you should get started below with UFORadiant.

Using UFORadiant

Mapping for Dummies

Advanced topics

Once you have mastered the basics of UFORadiant, you probably will want more in-depth information on how to use it.
For that, see topics below.

Map Analyses

Analyses and discussions about map tactics, build techniques, etc. Learning by looking at what's there.

  • Mansion - A look at one of the biggest maps attempted for UFO:AI

Specific objects and structures


Random map creation


Map testing and fixing


External links

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