Music and sounds

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Contribute: Artwork, Modelling, Mapping, Music and sounds


We use Ogg Vorbis for music and WAV or Ogg Vorbis (since revision 9682) for soundeffects. Sounds should have a minimum of 44 kHz. Ambience sounds preferably in stereo.

How to contribute

Please also have a look at the TODO-list to see which sounds are still missing.


Very good program, open-source and available from sourceforge.
Excellent multitrack DAW software program that is uncrippled, unexpiring shareware that only nags you for a few sec. if you don't register it. It comes with tons of plugins to enchance recording.
Has some decent free plugins for enhancing sound in VST plugin format (which will go right into Reaper, or Audacity with the VST enabler)

Sound system

You can control the sound volume in several ways. Attenuation values can be defined in the firedef for a weapon e.g., see UFO-Scripts/weapon_*.ufo for more information. You can add a volume property to your misc_sound entity in your map and you can modify the snd_distance_scale cvar.