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Alien Bases

Author: stevenjackson (talk, contrib)


Alien bases are a position on the map that represents alien occupation of that location. They provide a point from which alien missions can be launched and another type of mission which the Phalanx team can undertake, namely an alien base attack.

Solution Design

Alien Bases have the following features:

  1. They are supplied by UFO Supply ships.
  2. They can spawn alien missions from earth (no UFO is involved in the mission).
  3. They can be attacked by phalanx team.
    • The size of the map used during an alien base attack will increase with the amount of supplies the base received.
    • Alien bases are invisible to phalanx player when they are created. They can be detected by:
      • scouting with aircraft
      • with help of the nation where it is located, every week (the less the nation is infected by XVI and the smaller the alien base, the less nation will help).

Technical Design

See existing code in cp_alienbase.c/ cp_alienbase.h. The alienbase map tiles are in base/maps/alienb.