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As of 12 May 2012, this proposal is mostly implemented. Only the ability to sell from UFO yards is missing. --H-hour 16:32, 12 May 2012 (SAST)

Off-base UFO Yards

Author: BTAxis (talk, contrib)

At the time of writing, PHALANX stores captured UFOs in in-base UFO hangars. This is not practical for several reasons. One reason is that in tactical missions, the UFO that is supposed to be in the UFO hangar can't be displayed (some UFOs are as large as half the base). ANother reason is that UFO hangars can only hold one UFO, which has generally been ill-received.

The proposed solution to this problem is to discard the in-base UFO hangars, and replace them with an off-base UFO Yard. This UFO Yard would be a PHALANX facility placed by the player somewhere on the geoscape. The UFO Yard would be one type of off-base installation. As such it does not count as a base and the player does not get to develop it like one, but it does allow the player to store his captured UFOs there (arguably up to a certain limit).

UFOs stored in the UFO Yard automatically count as stored in every PHALANX base, and every PHALANX base is allowed to perform R&D on the UFOs in the Yard. However, the time taken for such operations will partly depend on the distance from the base in question to the Yard. The farther away, the slower the progress.

The UFO Yard can be targeted by the aliens. Mission spawneds in the campaign framework of the "attack PHALANX craft" type should sometimes result in a UFO trying to bomb the UFO Yard. A successful bombing will destroy some or all the UFOs stored there.