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--Plouj 18:45, 23 April 2007 (CEST): You didn't provide any game-related disadvantages of the second type of RF. I would like to know if there are any. Being a novice player I sort-of use the current RF system as if it was the second RF system that you described. Having a full TU bar at the beginning of the turn I first select my RF mode (1 or multi) and then use the remaining TUs to do my movements. The next turn I mostly ignore the fact that some of the TUs were used for RF.

--BTAxis 19:16, 23 April 2007 (CEST): The disadvantage would be that it takes more planning and anticipation on the part of the player. After all, if you carelessly use up all your TUs on moving between buildings, you lose your RF opportunity. So it makes gamepley more, well... You could say strategic, or you could say cumbersome. It depends on your point of view.

Method 2 - Coding thoughts

I just had some time to look at the code-side of "method 2" (i.e. the UFO:EU) way again.

Note: This is not about the actual reaction fire scenario (who shoots when and how), this only covers the TU-reservation stuff for RF (and other things). All of this can be done on the client side (except maybe the check of weapon-changing mentioned later on).

This means among other things that this ...

A soldier who is set to use one Reaction Fire mode but has not enough TUs to use it will shoot using another Reaction Fire mode if he has enough TUs for that.
Note that a soldier who has TUs to spend on Reaction Fire will ALWAYS do so if able. Reaction Fire cannot be disabled except by using up enough TUs.

... is kinda irrelevant for TU-reservation itself. We can discuss this elsewhere though - be sure to comment on problems the reservation may cause to the RF-handling here though.

The basic functionality (client side) would be to block actions when a certain value of unused TUs is reached. This value is defined by the player - he reserves an "action" for his soldier to either use after he is done with his other actions (think: he moved around a bit and now tries to crouch and shoot) or for reaction fire (shooting at spotted alien(s)).

So the core issues are:

  • Provide the player with an intuitive way to tell the game what to reserve. Each of the below needs to have it's own button (or similar UI element) since they could be combined in any way. The state of each should carry over to the next turn (if possible and sane).
    • Most important: RF is easy (relatively) - reserve the TUs for the selected firemode - no additional UI needed. RF button is either ON or OFF. "Multi" will be removed (Until I figure out an easy way to reserve multiple shots that is ;))
      • Actually, this is what I was trying to explain with the bit you pasted above: RF cannot be turned off. The reasoning was that there was no point in doing so. However, I have in the mean time been thinking about visibility support, and I think stealth can be a good reason why you would NOT want to use RF even if you could. So let it be known that although the above point contradicts what I originally wrote, it is nevertheless a sensible design choice. --BTAxis 12:40, 25 September 2007 (CEST)
      • Hm, thanks for clearing this up. So basically the "react on enemy turn" is always on but the player has to make sure there are enough TUs left for it.
        I see 2 'problems' with that behaviour: First one is as you mentioned "stealth" and the second is ammo-depletion (i.e. the soldier might choose badly and empty the weapon (not an issue for cheap ammo of course) you needed for some choices of your own).
        A possible solution for this would do the following: RF is default on ON (only one shot of the selected firemode will be fired, no matter what) - (This would also meant that RF-reservation is always on in my current draft - dunno if that's a good thing). The player has the choice to disable RF -> OFF (for stealth) or turn on MULTI mode where as many shots (of the selected firemode) are fired and the rest of the TUs is wasted on the next cheaper firemode. --Hoehrer 18:17, 25 September 2007 (CEST)
      • I had thought of ammo depletion, but I don't consider it a big issue. It's true that the player may run into an ammo shortage because of reaction fire if he doesn't pay attention, but I still think a simple ON/OFF state of RF will suffice, where ON is what you describe as MULTI. A simple interface is preferable over a complex one, and I think situations where unintended ammo depletion will cause serious problems for the player will be sufficiently rare for them to become a memorable "oh shit" moment rather than an annoyance that reduces the game's playability. --BTAxis 21:26, 25 September 2007 (CEST)
    • Nice to have: Reserve TUs for firing after the other actions is a bit more tricky since the player may want to fire a different firemode than the one defined in the RF dialog (and he sure is lazy so constantly switching it to achieve this is kinda out of question).
      • I believe this is the responsibility of the player. If he reserves a snap shot, moves, then decides he wants an aimed shot after all, then tough luck. Should have reserved the most expensive one. I see no reason to code a failsafe mechanism for this. --BTAxis 12:40, 25 September 2007 (CEST)
      • If the player chooses wrongly so be it. That's not the thing I want to prevent here. This can be done additionally to the RF-TU reservation (at least in my plan ;) Don't think of it as failsafe, it's similar thing as reserving TUs for crouching. the basic functionality should be there and not be mixed up with stuff I reserved for RF. Te way I planned it one could reserve x TUs for RF, y TUs for crouching and z TUs for shooting after that. Might sound more complex than it is. --Hoehrer 18:17, 25 September 2007 (CEST)
    • Nice to have: Crouching (since it's related I'll handle this here as well) It has the benefit of having a fixed value , so the disadvantage of choosing a "mode" is non-existent.
    • (Nice to have: reserving a player-defined value of TUs.)
      • BTAxis: By the way, about reserving a fixed amount of TUs, maybe you can somehow do this by clicking on the TU bar directly?
        With a mouseover tooltip that displays the exact amount at that position.
        The basic node (for sliders) is already implemented - see the gamma slider bar. It's just a matter of making it look good and of course making it work right.
  • Add a way to store and check the stored info. Some things that need to be stored somehow:
    • Number of TUs.
    • Type of reserved action.
  • What happens to the RF and "shoot in same turn" reservations if the weapon is changed - or more precise: is the code up for handling this?

Oh, and I think gotta play ufo:eu, tftd, ufo:apoc and ja2 again to see if there are improvements to this we can steal ;)

--Hoehrer 10:09, 25 September 2007 (CEST)

The tracker-item (and some patches & code snippets) is available here:

--Hoehrer 12:34, 5 October 2007 (CEST)