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Maintenance / Modifications

  • Lots of textures to replace those without appropriate licenses
  • Texture work on new Stiletto File:New_Stiletto.jpg
  • Map errors
  • Weapon and campaign balance

Work in Progress

Wish List / Proposals

Planned Projects

  • Crashed Carrier UFO map Storyline_Missions UFO/Carrier
  • Large city RMA. Have some ideas, but it's a big project that needs to be done right. Don't know when it will happen if it ever does.

Personal 2.5 TODO list

  • [open] Campaign balancing
    • [open] Check out Telok's save game to see when items were researched, how many UFOs were encountered, etc.,8035.0.html
    • [done] Schedule appearance of aliens, weapons and UFOs
    • [done] Balance weapons and aliens; aircraft weapons and UFOs
      • [done] Make sure each aircraft can compete and is worth buying when it is introduced
      • [done] Adjust laser timing and damage
      • [done] Check human armour resistances for balance with new campaign schedule.
      • [done] Adjust alien team sizes and available recruits to match staging
      • [open] ShipIt: Is the transition from one stage to another to sudden? Should we smooth this by overlapping some interest settings in the alienteam_missions.ufo?
      • [done] Check if aliens will use their stun grenade. If not, remove it from equipment sets.
      • [done] Adjust XVI timing.
      • [done] Adjust base building timing.
      • [done] Particles and needlers
      • [open] Rethink plasma pistol so it is not such a difficult reaction-fire weapon right at the start of the game.
    • [done] Modify research tree paths
      • [done] Add missing items
        • [done] Alien Polymer Armour
        • [done] Alien EW (craft item)
        • [done] Advanced Alien Propulsion
        • [done] Antimatter Bolter Ammo (model provided)
        • [done] Hybrid Missile
        • [done] Hybrid Rocket for RPG
        • [done] Encased Plasma Round
      • [done] Modify research times
      • [done] Determine and implement proper storyline research paths
        • [open] XVI map should not be available until rs_xvi_census is researched.
          • [open] Does the XVI map appear too early? Check Universal Serum as well. User reported seeing it early.
    • [done] Adjust disassembly times, volume of antimatter/alien materials received, and antimatter fuel costs for advanced interceptors/dropships.
      • [done] Check profit margins on sale of antimatter/alien materials.
  • [done] Adjust equipment weight values
    • [done] Review alien weight/equipment and TUs
  • [done] Configure UFO spawning chances to average about 100 UFOs in 13 months.
  • [open] Give RMAs a mission briefing.
  • [open] Figure out how to change the equipment available in skirmish/multiplayer
    • That'd be equipment.ufo (equipment defs) + gamemodes.ufo (where to use what) I think --DarkRain 20:43, 4 March 2013 (SAST)
    • See: #5007
    • Multiplayer initial has been done. --H-hour 22:57, 14 August 2013 (CEST)
  • [open] Check for possible weight system exploit: if a soldier drops a heavy weapon at the end of the turn, then picks it up at the start of the next turn, can they gain TU that way? Might be hard with armour to make it meaningful, but might be possible.
    • [open] Exploit exists. But how do we get around it? Should it cost more TU to pick something up? In my experiment, I had a guy just at 20+%. I dropped a laser rifle and got the speed bonus next turn. First turn: 31 TU. Second turn: 42 TU. If you subtract the TU it cost to pick up the weapon, then he gained 9 TU from the exchange. That means we'd have to increase the cost of picking something up to 11 TU to cancel out the bonus. That seems pretty high... but I guess the act of picking something up isn't used a ton. I guess it would be most used for medikits, maybe rockets for the RPGs...
      • One possible (but perhaps confusing) workaround. If a soldier picks up an item that bumps him from one encumbrance level to another, maybe have him lose/gain the same proportion of TU in the middle of the turn but just for his remaining TU. So, if I've got the TU bonus and I've already spent half of my TUs, then pick up a weapon that makes me "normal" encumbrance, half the percentage TU effect the remaining half of my TUs. It could work in reverse as well. If I have half of my TUs and drop a weapon that takes me from "normal" to "fast" weight, I will gain the percentage TU effect of my remaining TUs.
  • [open] Could we have an airburst mode for the RPG? Would that make it much more useful?
  • [done] Bolter's high TU cost and low ammo count makes it extremely difficult to use. Increase accuracy more to make the trade-off worth it.
    • [done] Look into coilgun as well, and its trade-off with the Sniper Rifle with Encased Plasma.
  • [done] Revert intra-weapon firemode differentiation between assault/sniper. Assault weapons always assault, Sniper weapons always sniper.
  • [done] Also revert crouch penalties in all cases. (Make sure MG isn't the only one)
  • [done] Maybe we could use the Gunboat UFO for a wider range of mission types. Right now it´s only used for Intercept missions. --ShipIt 09:57, 8 June 2013 (CEST)
  • [open] In my campaign the ammo for PB-Rifle and PB-Pistol are available at the market at late stage. As we cannot produce it, this shouldn´t happen, should it? --ShipIt 13:41, 8 June 2013 (CEST)

Items delayed to 2.6

  • [open] Production/Market Balance forum: description
  • [open] Transfer worldspawn values to UMP files for as many RMAs as possible.
  • [open] Add crashed ufo tiles and use new tile reference system
    • [open] Check on gunboat status
    • [open] Enough corrupter tiles?
  • [open] Players often complain about getting recruits with "mediocre" or "poor" stats. Maybe we should change those descriptions to something more positive, or even entirely remove them. --ShipIt (talk) 07:05, 17 June 2014 (CEST)